Make it explicit: Documenting interpretations of literary fictions with conceptual formal models – MITE

MITE is a two-years research project funded by the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research (MUR) through the PRIN 2022 PNRR call.

The core ambition of MITE involves the definition of a novel theory for the characterization of literary characters drawing from philosophical investigations in fictional characters, literary theories, interpretation methodologies and practices. This theory will be then adopted in a comprehensive system for modeling scholarly interpretative data through formal and computational ontologies to enable scholars, critics, and students to document, share, and link their interpretations of literary texts in digital spaces.

To learn more about the project’s initiatives, stay updated with MITE’s progress and explore additional information available on the website!

  • Upcoming publications

    Fresh and recent publications/presentations about the project: – Michele Paolini Paoletti: The Identity of Fictional Entities and the Place of Authors. Talk at the European Society for Aesthetics (ESA 2024), 6-8 June, 2024, Naples, Italy. – Emilio M. Sanfilippo, Claudio Masolo and Roberta Ferrario: Literary Characters and Interpretation Practices. Talk at the European Society for…

  • Special Issue of «Humanities»

    The Interpretation of Fictional Characters in Literary Texts: History of Literary Criticism, Philosophy and Formal Ontologies A Special Issue of the open-access journal «Humanities», guest edited by M. Paolini Paoletti, E.M. Sanfilippo, G. Tomazzoli This Special Issue of Humanities (link) aims to foster reflection on fictional characters in literary texts and the interpretive practices associated…

  • MITE Research Seminars

    Upcoming research seminars in the context of the MITE project will feature prominent scholars in the fields of literary studies, philosophy, and computer science. Visit this page for more information on the calendar!    

  • Hot from the press!

    MITE’s first publication is out! In 2023 we took part in the 13th FOIS (Formal Ontology in Information Systems) international conference, and the proceedings are now online and available in open access! Emilio M. Sanfilippo, Antonio Sotgiu, Gaia Tomazzoli, Claudio Masolo, Daniele Porello, Roberta Ferrario, Ontological Modeling of Scholarly Statements: A Case Study in Literary…

  • Project kick-off meeting

    MITE has just begun! Check out the following introductory slides to learn more about the project and navigate through the website: Emilio Sanfilippo’s presentation of MITE and WP’3 work (slides) Gaia Tomazzoli’s presentation of WP1’s work (slides) Michele Paolini Paoletti’s presentation of WP2’s work (slides) Feel free to get in touch to learn more or…