Work package 1

The primary objective of WP1 is to delve into the interpretation of fictional literary characters using the identified case studies as focal points. Additionally, it aims to elucidate the methodologies, terminologies, and reasoning behind various interpretative practices. This work package will provide crucial information for analysis by other project partners in WP2 and WP3. Concurrently, WP1 aims to forge a network of scholars to facilitate interdisciplinary dialogue and highlight the convergence of different disciplines and practices while fostering an awareness of their distinct specificities.

Some of the research questions that WP1 will address include:

  • How can we develop an approach to literary criticism capable of documenting the authority and explanatory power of multifaceted, sometimes conflicting interpretative categories across different temporal and spatial contexts?
  • In what ways could an analysis centered on fictional characters describe the intricate interaction between axiological, epistemic, and institutional biases?
  • How might the contributions of analytic philosophers and applied ontologists offer new insights and methodologies to explicitly articulate the aesthetic, ethical, and ideological values influencing literary interpretations within our case studies?

If you want to know more about WP1’s work, please get in touch with Gaia Tomazzoli.

For references related to WP1’s work, please see our in-the-making digital library (stored on Zotero).