MITE aims to support the development of the next generation of digital platforms for publishing, sharing, interlinking, and potentially analyzing and comparing data related to research in the Human Sciences. Unlike most existing initiatives in the Digital Humanities, MITE ambitiously seeks to represent data in the Human Sciences alongside interpretive data reflecting how scholars, critics, and students interpret the items of their interest.

To contextualize the proposal within a specific application context, MITE concentrates on literary interpretation practices,  focusing on the analysis of literary characters. In particular, the team will center on case studies from Italian Medieval Literature, analyzing the interpretations of specific female characters in the works of Dante and Boccaccio.

The project develops arounds three inter-related work packages:

WP1 – Related to literary studies (led by the research team from Sapienza University).

WP2 – Related to analytic philosophy (led by the research team from the University of Macerata).

WP3 – Related to applied ontology (led by the research team from the ISTC CNR Laboratory for Applied Ontology).

MITE will span from 01/12/2023 to 30/11/2025.