Work package 3

Building upon the outcomes of WP1 and WP2, WP3 aims to develop the MITE modeling framework, enabling the documentation and comparison of interpretations of literary texts, specifically tailored to interpretations of fictional entities. The framework will unfold along two primary dimensions. Firstly, it will offer a universal structure adaptable to various literary contexts and facilitate the documentation of specialized vocabularies in literary criticism to mirror scholars’ terminologies and interpretative methodologies. Secondly, it will be specifically designed to record interpretations of fictional entities. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the project, the framework will be constructed both as a formal logic model and a documentation in natural language. This approach will include an informal explication of the model, enhanced through diagrams and graphs for comprehension, based on the project’s findings and interactions with other research units.

WP3 will address several research questions, including:

  • How can methodologies for ontological analysis and the use of formal models support the documentation of critical interpretations of literary texts?
  • In what ways can ontologies allow us to manage multiple, potentially inconsistent interpretations while maintaining logical consistency?
  • How can we manage instances where interpretations of ficta are presented by different agents utilizing varying conceptualizations and terminologies within literary criticism?

If you want to know more about WP3’s work, please get in touch with Emilio Sanfilippo.

Some references related to WP3’s work: