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Main Events

Concluding and annual 2011 meeting: Toulouse, November 28th - 30th 2011. programme here

Interdisciplinary Workshop on Linguistic Annotation and Interacting Knowledge Systems, OTIM-ILIKS, Aix-en-Provence, May 23th - 25th 2011.

Annual 2010 meeting: Trento, November 29th - 30th 2010. programme here

Annual 2009 meeting: Trento, December 17th - 18th 2009. programme here

Annual 2008 meeting: Toulouse, December 1rst - 2d 2008. programme here

Annual 2007 meeting: Trento, December 20th - 21st 2007. programme here

Annual 2006 meeting: Trento, November 30th - December 1st 2006. programme here (with access to some talks)

Inaugural Meeting: Trento, September 26-27 2005. programme here

Signature of the Agreement between CNR - CNRS - UNITN: Rome, May 9 2005

Preparatory Meeting: Trento, November 19-20 2003, programme here


Interaction among knowledge systems is the new paradigm for constructing the future society of intelligent agents. People, machines, and organizations are more and more interacting together by means of modern Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The social nature of interaction and communication processes themselves needs to be recognized and addressed as such, if we want this pervading technology to be effective and ultimately of benefit for the society.

The Interdisciplinary Laboratory on Interacting Knowledge Systems
(ILIKS) is an "European Joint Laboratory" (Laboratoire Européen Associé or LEA), an initiative of the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) which will study the theoretical foundations of interaction under a strongly interdisciplinary approach, by developing rigorous models grounded on Cognitive Science, Linguistics, Philosophy, Economy, as well as Logics and Computer Science. Although mainly theoretical in nature, such an approach will also have a profound impact on ICT applications, precisely because of its generality; indeed the need of such generality emerges clearly from the applied projects where the partners of this proposal are involved.

Scientific Programme

ILIKS is currently organized in 4 thematic areas:

  • Cognitive agents, mental attitudes, decisions, actions and plans;
  • Social relationships, game-theoretical interaction, collective agents and organizations, services;
  • Linguistic Interaction;
  • Lexical and knowledge resources.



    Associated Partner

    People: List of members here

    Co-ordinators: Currently, ILIKS is jointly headed by Laure Vieu (IRIT & ISTC) and Nicola Guarino (ISTC).

    Scientific Committee: Nicolao Bonini (DISCOF), Paolo Bouquet (DISI), Nicola Guarino (ISTC), Luigi Mittone (DECO), Laure Vieu (IRIT)

    Location: The ILIKS is located in Trento, Italy, at the Laboratory of Applied Ontology, ISTC, CNR.

    Contact: Laure Vieu