Interdisciplinary Laboratory on Interactive Knowledge Systems (ILIKS)

Annual Meeting


Centro Panorama, Sardagna, Trento




Thursday Nov 30


14:00 Opening


14:15 (Area 4) Interaction and Communication (chairs: Massimo Poesio, Laure Vieu)

           Summary of the work done

           Sample joint work: Signed Languages, Verbal languages, Coverbal Gestures: Analysis and Representation, presented by Carola Catenacci (joint work with Elena Pizzuto, Brigitte Garcia and Patrice Dalle)



15:30 Coffee break


16:00 Johan van Benthem, Logic in Games: the rationality in interaction, invited talk


17:00 (Area 1) Agents and mental attitudes (Chairs: Andreas Herzig, Alessandro Oltramari)

           Summary of the work done

           Sample joint work: Action, attempt, and intention, presented by Andreas Herzig (joint work with Emiliano Lorini and Cristiano Castelfranchi)

           Position talk by Fabio Paglieri, The Role of Beliefs in Goal Dynamics: Prolegomena to a Constructive Theory of Intentions



19:00 End of session


20:00 Social Dinner, Maso Bergamini, Cognola




Friday Dec 1


9:00   Achille Varzi, Actions and Action Talk, invited talk


10:00 Coffee break


10:30 (Area 3) Actions and Plans (Chair: Jerome Lang)

           Summary of the work done

           Sample joint work:  Action and Agency, presented by Robert Trypuz (joint work with Nicolas Troquard and Laure Vieu)

           Panel and Discussion


12:45 Lunch (buffet at the Centro Panorama)


14:00 (Area 2) Social relationships and organizations (Chairs: Claudio Masolo and Emanuele Bottazzi)

           Summary of the work done

           Sample joint work:  Delegation and Mental States, presented by Nicolas Troquard (joint work with Emiliano Lorini, Andreas Herzig and Cristiano Castelfranchi)



15:25 Coffee break


15:55 (Area 5) Lexicon, ontologies, semantic interoperability and information extraction (Chair: Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles)

           Summary of the work done

           Sample joint work:  Bootstrapping semantics on the Web: meaning elicitation from schemas, presented by Paolo Bouquet (joint work with Luciano Serafini and Stefano Zanobini)

           Position talk by Alessandro Oltramari, LexiPass methodology: a conceptual path from frames to senses and back

           Position talk by Nicola Guarino, The "Senso Comune" initiative



17:40 General Discussion - Towards next year's programme


18:15 End of public meeting



Evening: ILIKS Directive Committee meeting