2009 ILIKS Annual Meeting, Trento, 17-18 December 2009

Final Programme

Thursday 17

Faculty of Economics, via Inama 5, Conference room

9:00 Welcome

9:15 Introduction to the meeting

9:30 Invited talk: Paul Egré (Institut Jean Nicod-CNRS, Paris), joint work with Pablo Cobreros (U. Navarra), David Ripley (IJN) and Robert van Rooij (ILLC, Amsterdam), Vague predicates, tolerance and contradictions

10:30 Raffaella Bernardi (Univ. Bolzano), Continuation Semantics: Expressions and Context

11:10 Coffee break

11:30 Jérôme Lang (IRIT-CNRS & LAMSADE-CNRS), Social choice, incomplete knowledge and communication

12:10 Dominique Cappelletti (DECO-Univ. Trento), joint work with Luigi Mittone and Matteo Ploner (DECO-Univ. Trento), The effect of default contributions in public goods provision

12:50 Lunch (buffet on site)

14:15 Nicolao Bonini (DISCOF-Univ. Trento), joint work with Hadjichristidis K., Graffeo M. and Mazzocco K (DISCOF-Univ. Trento), Emotional state and evaluation of a public good

14:55 Alessandro Oltramari (ISTC-CNR), Emotion mark-up language for multi-modal interaction: the W3C Working Group

15:35 Coffee break

15:55 Stefania Pighin (CLLE-CNRS), joint work with Lucia Savadori (DISCOF-Univ. Trento) and Jean-Francois Bonnefon (CLLE-CNRS & IRIT-CNRS), Evaluating the probability of prenatal negative events in health communication

16:35 Nicholas Asher (IRIT-CNRS), Strategic reasoning in dialogue

17:15 Stergos Afantenos (IRIT-CNRS), joint work with Philippe Muller (IRIT-CNRS & Alpage-INRIA), Learning Recursive Segments for Discourse Parsing

Friday 18

Faculty of Economics, via Inama 5, Conference room

9:30 Invited talk, Daniela Tiscornia (ITTIG-CNR), Lexicons and Ontologies Interfacement in the Legal Domain

10:30 Silvia Quarteroni (DISI-Univ. Trento), joint work with Patrick Saint-Dizier (IRIT-CNRS), An Interactive Approach to procedural Question Answering

11:10 Coffee break

11:30 Paolo Bouquet (DISI-Univ. Trento), A conceptual model for the entity-centric web: reference, identity, identifiers

12:10 Chiara Ghidini (IRST-FBK, Trento), joint work with Marco Rospocher and Luciano Serafini (FBK-IRST, Trento). MoKi: the Modelling Wiki

12:50 Lunch (buffet on site)

14:15 Guido Boella (Univ. Torino), Privacy regulations and dynamic epistemic deontic logic

14:55 Andreas Herzig (IRIT-CNRS), Logical models of trust and reputation

15:35 Nicola Guarino (ISTC-CNR), joint work with Roberta Ferrario (ISTC-CNR), Modelling value chains in integrated service systems

16:15 end