Interdisciplinary Laboratory on Interactive Knowledge Systems (ILIKS)

2008 Annual Meeting

Auditorium, IRIT, Universitˇ Paul Sabatier, Toulouse



Monday, December 1rst, 2008


9:00     Opening

9:05     Marie-Paule Pˇry-Woodley (ERSS-Toulouse2) 
Discourse annotation in ANNODIS: Two projects in one

9:20     Mai Hodac (ERSS-Toulouse 2) & Philippe Muller (IRIT)            
Top-down and bottom-up approaches to discourse annotation

10:00   Marco Cruciani (DISI, Univ Trento)           
Interest and Meaning


10:40   Coffee Break


11:00   Patrice Dalle (IRIT)
On sign languages

11:40   Patrick St Dizier (IRIT), joint work with Silvia Quarteroni (DISI, Univ Trento)            
Dialogue and Question-Answering

12:10   Stefano Borgo (ISTC, Trento), joint work with Claudio Masolo (ISTC, Trento)          
DOLCE core revisited


12:50   Lunch


14:30   Thierry Declerck (DFKI, Invited Speaker)            
Ontology Extraction for Business Intelligence

15:30   Nathalie Aussenac (IRIT), joint work with Nathalie Hernandez (IRIT) and Mouna   
Kamel (IRIT)               
Towards a platform for supervised relation extraction from text


16:10   Coffee Break


16:30   Paolo Bouquet (DISI, Univ Trento)             
The OKKAM project

17:10   Luigi Mittone (CEEL, Univ Trento), joint work with Matteo Ploner (CEEL)     
Social Effects in a Multi-Agent Investment Game. An Experimental Analysis

17:50   Nicolas Troquard (Univ Liverpool)              
Strategic games and pure-strategy equilibria

18:30   end of session


20:00   Social dinner



Tuesday December 2d, 2008


9:00     Davide Grossi (Univ Luxembourg, Invited Speaker)     
The Norm Implementation Problem: Setting the Stage

10:00   Roberta Ferrario (ISTC, Trento), joint work with Nicola Guarino (ISTC, Trento)       
Towards an ontological foundation for services science


10:40   Coffee Break


11:00   Guillaume Aucher (Univ Luxembourg)     
An internal approach to dynamic epistemic logic

11:40   Amedeo Cesta (ISTC, Rome) & Simone Fratini (ISTC, Rome)             
Planning and scheduling as timelines

12:20   Mamoun Filali (IRIT)              
The SPaCIFY project: Model-Driven Engineering and  Formal Methods for Critical Embedded Software


12:50   Lunch


14:30   Andrew Jones (King's College, Invited Speaker)            
On the Concept of Trust

15:30   Andreas Herzig (IRIT)         
The ForTrust project

15:45   Robert Demolombe (IRIT)
Graded trust


16:25   Coffee Break


16:45   Emiliano Lorini (IRIT)            
Trust within the context of organizations: a logical approach

17:25   Jonathan BenNaim (IRIT), joint work with Henri Prade (IRIT)
Evaluating trustworthiness from past performances: Interval-based approaches

18:05   end of session