PROGRAM (Provisional)


Session 1 

10:00  Maria Rosaria Stufano Melone. Towards an ontology for music and aesthetics.

10:30  Salvatore Cristofaro and Daria Spampinato. OntoBellini: towards an RDA based ontology

for Vincenzo Bellini’s cultural heritage.


11:00 — 11:30 Coffee break


Session 2 

11:30 Fumiaki Toyoshima. Ontology of Time for the Digital Humanities: A Foundational View.

12:00  Richard de Jesus Gil-Herrera, Maria Irma Botero-Ospina, Lidia Bocanegra-Barbecho and Maria Jose Martin-Bautista. Building a Knowledge-Model about Land Restitution Policy in Colombian-case Applying a Systemic Ontological Methodology.


 12:30  — 14:00 Lunch break


Session 3 

14:00  Ludger Jansen. Ontologies for the Digital Humanities: Learning from the Life Sciences?

14:30  Sean Winslow, Gerlinde Schneider, Roman Bleier, Christian Steiner, Christopher Pollin and Georg Vogeler. Ontologies in the Digital Repository. Between metadata integration, knowledge management and ontology-driven applications.

15:00  Christophe Roche and Maria Papadopoulou. Mind the gap: ontology authoring by Humanists.

15:30  Paul Sheridan, Mikael Onsjö and Janna Hastings. The Literary Theme Ontology for Media Annotation and Information Retrieval.


16:00 — 16:30  Coffee break


Session 4 

16:30  Janna Hastings and Stefan Schulz. Representing Literary Characters and their Attributes in an Ontology.

17:00  Ingo Frank. Multi-Perspectival Representation of Historical Reality: Ontology-Based Modeling of Non-Common Conceptualizations.

17:30  Claudio Masolo, Emilio Sanfilippo, Marion Lame and Perrine Pittet. Modeling concept drift for historical research in the digital humanities.