BRiOBias, RIsk and Opacity in Artificial Intelligence
Cloud for EuropeBrokering servizi cloud per le pubbliche amministrazioni
EuJointEUropean-Japanese Ontology INTeraction
GECKOGeneric Evolutionary Control Knowledge-based mOdule
ICT4LawICT Converging on Law
ILIKSInterdisciplinary Laboratory on Interacting Knowledge Systems
KAOSKnowledge-Aware Operational Support
METOKISMethodology and Tools Infrastructure for the Creation of Knowledge Units
NEtworked ONtologies – Shaping the future infrastructure for semantic applications
OntoCommonsOntology-driven data documentation for Industry Commons
Pro2ReFixProduct and Process Co Evolution Management via Reconfigurable Fixtures
SemanticMiningNetwork of Excellence – Semantic Interoperability and Data Mining in Biomedicine
SMARTESTSimulation of Probabilistic Systems for the Age of the Digital Twin
VisCoSODetection of Crisis in Socio-Material Systems via VISual-COgnitive-SOcial Processes
WonderWebWonderWeb: Ontology Infrastructure for the Semantic Web