• Nicola Guarino's keynote speech at ODBASE 2004: "Helping people (and machines) understand each other: the role of formal ontology ".
  • An Ontolog Invited Speaker Presentation by Chris Welty on "An introduction to OntoClean". is available through the Ontlog forum wiki. Both the audio recording and presentation slides can be downloaded here.
  • From Collective Intentionality to Intentional Collectives: An Ontological Perspective; Emanuele Bottazzi, Carola Catenacci, Aldo Gangemi, Jos Lehmann presented at /CollIntIV, October 13-16, 2004 (download slides)
  • Towards a Computational Ontology of Mental Entities; Alessandro Oltramari, Roberta Ferrario presented at AISC Ivrea, March 18-20, 2004 (download slides)
  • LOA - a short overview, by Stefano Borgo (download Power Point presentation)
  • Some design patterns for domain ontology building and analysis, by Aldo Gangemi (download Power Point presentation)
  • An interview with Nicola Guarino on DigiCult magazine, May 2003
  • Ontology-Driven Conceptual Modelling, ER2002
    by Nicola Guarino

  • Introduction to SDRT, by Laure Vieu.
    (Download zipped PowerPoint here)