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Francesco Setti's homepage


Francesco Setti

via alla Cascata 56/C
I-38123 Trento

Phone: +39 0461 314855
Fax: +39 0461 314875

[Institutional webpage]

I'm a Post-Doc Research Fellow at the Laboratory for Applied Ontology of the Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (ISTC-CNR), working on the project VisCoSo, and collaborating with Marco Cristani at the University of Verona.

My background is in Computer Vision and Mechatronics; I'm a Mechatronics Engineer graduated at the University of Trento and I took my PhD at the CISAS at the University of Padua.

I was a Post-Doc Researcher at the Measurement Instrumentation and Robotics Group of the University of Trento, with the PAT-EU Cofund Marie Curie Action project ABILE. I've spent 3 months at Instituto Superior Tecnico in Lisbon working with dr. Alessio Del Bue, and 1 year at Queen Mary University of London under the supervision of prof. Lourdes Agapito.

Research interests

My current research interest are divided into three main topics: Social Signal Processing (Group Detection), Ontologies (Ontology-driven Computer Vision) and Crowd Analysis (Spectators Crowd)

Group detection

Find groups of interacting people from still images by exploiting the sociological concept of F-formation. Have a look at the project page, where you can also download code and datasets.

Ontology-driven Computer Vision

Merge Knowledge Representation, Semantics and Ontologies with Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition techniques. The main focus is on automatically generating training sets for object recognition tasks.

Spectators Crowd

Perform crowd analysis on spectators crowds, i.e. the audience of an entertainment event like sport, talks, theater, etc.. Have a look at our CVPR paper and the project page.

Recent publications

(complete list)

  • Semantically-driven automatic creation of training sets for object recognition Cheng D. S., Setti F., Zeni N., Ferrario R., Cristani M.
    Computer Vision and Image Understanding, vol.131, pp.56-71
    [PDF] [BibTex] [web]
  • ATTENTO: ATTENTion Observed for Automated Spectator Crowd Monitoring
    Conigliaro D., Setti F., Bassetti C., Ferrario R., Cristani M.
    4th International Workshop on Human Behaviour Understanding (HBU 2013), in conjunction with ACM-Multimedia 2013, Barcelona, Spain, 2013
    [PDF] [BibTex] [web]
  • Multi-scale F-formation discovery for group detection
    Setti F., Lanz O., Ferrario R., Murino V., Cristani M.
    IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2013), Melbourne, Australia, 2013
    [PDF] [BibTex] [web]
  • Viewing the Viewers: a novel challenge for automated crowd analysis
    Conigliaro D., Setti F., Bassetti C., Ferrario R., Cristani M.
    International Workshop on Social Behaviour Analysis (SBA 2013), in conjunction with ICIAP 2013, Neaples, Italy, 2013
    [PDF] [BibTex] [web]
  • Ontology-assisted object detection: Towards the automatic learning with Internet
    Setti F., Cheng D.-S., Abdulhak S.A., Ferrario R., Cristani M.
    17th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing (ICIAP 2013), Neaples, Italy, 2013
    [PDF] [BibTex] [web]
  • "Tell me more": How Semantic Technologies Can Help Refining Internet Image Search
    Setti F., Porello D., Abduljalil Abdulhak S., Ferrario R., Cristani M.
    2nd International Workshop on Video and Image Ground Truth in computer vision Applications (VIGTA 2013), in conjunction with ICVS 2013, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2013
    [PDF] [BibTex] [web]
  • Group Detection in Still Images by F-formation Modeling: a Comparative Study
    Setti F., Hung H., Cristani M.
    14th International Workshop on Image and Audio Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services (WIAMIS 2013), Paris, France, 2013
    [PDF] [BibTex] [web]
  • Multiagent Socio-Technical Systems. An Ontological Approach
    Porello D., Setti F., Ferrario R., Cristani M.
    15th International Workshop on Coordination, Organisations, Institutions and Norms (COIN 2013), in conjunction with AAMAS 2013, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, 2013
    [PDF] [BibTex] [web]

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