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Roberta Ferrario - Publications


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Social Ontology

Ontology and Computer Vision

Ontology of Mental Entities

  • D. Porello, R. Ferrario, C. Giorgetta, Ontological modeling of emotion-based decisions, in A. M. H. Abdel-Fattah, K. U. Ku ̈hnberger (Eds.), Proceedings of the Workshop on Formalizing Mechanisms for Artificial General Intelligence and Cognition (FormalMAGIC-2013), Publication Series of the Institute of Cognitive Science (PICS, ISSN 1610-5389), Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Osnabruck, pp. 17–22.
  • R. Ferrario, A. Oltramari, Towards a Computational Ontology of Mind, in A. C. Varzi, L. Vieu (Eds.), Formal Ontology in Information Systems, Proceedings of the International Conference FOIS 2004, IOS Press, pp. 287-297.
  • R. Ferrario, A. Oltramari, The COM Perspective on Intentional Agents, in Proceedings of the 1st Italian Semantic Web Workshop SWAP 2004 (Semantic Web Applications and Perspectives), December10 2004, Ancona.
  • R. Ferrario, A. Oltramari, COME (Computational Ontology of Mental Entities), in Proceedings of the II Conference of the Italian Association of Cognitive Sciences (AISC 2004), March 19-20 2004, Ivrea, pp. 48-50.

Ontology of Services

Formal Ontology and Applications

Philosophy of Science

Philosophy of Language


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