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Stefano Borgo's Homepage

I was trained as a mathematician (University of Padua, MA), which I consider to be a good asset in scientific research. My personal interests are driven by logical and ontological analysis for which my training in logic, computer science and knowledge representation (Indiana University, MA and MS; Free University of Bolzano-Bozen, PhD) have been instrumental.

In my work I like to start with an ontological analysis of the topic because this helps to clarify the domain and perspective as well as to identify the actual problem. For an example, this approach allowed me and my colleagues to formally compare different notions of engineering function (a traditionally complex task) and different formalisms for space representation (where one can make different assumptions on what space is). In general, I tend to work with people with different backgrounds because I'm attracted (addicted?) to interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary problems (notwithstanding I keep working in some purely formal issues).

Today, my research concentrates primarily in the areas of information and socio-technical systems (where logic, artificial intelligence and cognitive science overlap), and in the ontological characterization of general notions (like part, role, context, agent, place and environment). My active collaborations are in the areas of agents' interaction, roboticsengineering design and cyber-physical-social system modeling (e.g. from the study of cities to the modeling of the industry 4.0). I keep working also in foundational ontology developing extensions and applications of the DOLCE ontology of which I'm a co-author.

I've given tens of invited talks at conferences and research centers. Typically, I'm invited to talk about applied ontology and how it can be used in some domain or context. I've been active in about 30 national and international projects and coordinated a European-Japanese project on ontology, agents and engineering functionalities (EuJoint). Today I'm in the Editorial Board of the journal Applied Ontology, member of the Advisory Board of the International Association for Ontology and its Applications (IAOA) and in the Steering committee of several conference/workshop series like FOMI, SHAPES and WOMO.

Contact: stefano.borgo -at-


Upcoming events:

Program Chair of FOIS 2018, with P. Hitzler (Sept. 17–21, 2018; Cape Town, South Africa)

Visitor at the University of Cape Twon supported by a VSF/VLF grant (Sept. 2018)

Presenter at the "Ontological and Knowledge-based Approaches for Autonomous Robots Engineering" @IROS 2018 (1-5 Oct. 2018, Madrid)

Some papers:

S. Borgo and E. Blanzieri. Trait-based culture and its organization: Developing a culture enabler for artificial agents. Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), IEEE/RSJ, 2018.

L. Contalbrigo, S. Borgo, G. Pozza and S. Marangon. Data distribution in public veterinary service: health and safety challenges push for context-aware systems. BMC Veterinary Research (2017) 13:397

E. M. Sanfilippo and S. Borgo. What are features? An ontology-based review of the literature. Computer-Aided Design 80 (2016) 9–18

R. Mizoguchi, Y. Kitamura, and S. Borgo. A unifying definition for artifact and biological functions. Applied Ontology, 11(2):129–154, 2016.

S. Borgo, A. Cesta, A. Orlandini, and A. Umbrico. A Planning-Based Architecture for a Reconfigurable Manufacturing System. In Proceeding of ICAPS 2016, pg. 358-366 (2016)

M. R. Stufano Melone and S. Borgo. Towards an understanding of shapes and types in architecture. Proceedings of SHAPES 2015 - The Shape Of Things, vol. 1616 pg. 47–54., 2015.

S. Borgo, M. Franssen, P. Garbacz, Y. Kitamura, R. Mizoguchi, and P. E. Vermaas. Technical artifacts: An integrated perspective. Applied Ontology Journal, 9(3-4): 217–235 (2014)

S. Borgo. An ontological approach for reliable data integration in the industrial domain. Computers in Industry, 65(9):1242–1252 (2014)

S. Borgo and G. Pozza. Knowledge objects: a formal construct for material, information and role dependencies. Knowledge Management Research & Practice, 10(3):227–236, September (2012)


Teaching activities:

I have been giving courses at different universities across the years. Currently I'm teaching PhD courses on topics like AI and formal ontology at the Polytechnic of Milan, Polytechnic of Bari and the Free University of Bolzano.

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