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Prevot   Laurent Prévot

+39 0461 436350

News (not so new)

I have moved to the Institute of Linguistics of the Academia Sinica (Taiwan). Here is my new homepage.

Laurent Prévot (1978) studied Computer Science in Toulouse (France). In January 2004 he obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science at IRIT (Toulouse Research Institute of Computer Science) on semantic/pragmatic interface in dialogue. Since April 2004, he is a post-doc researcher at LOA-ISTC-CNR. His post-doc grant is founded by the province of Trentino.

Research interests

  • Ontology of interaction and communication (see SOIA project description and MOSTRO project page)
    • Basic ingredients of theories of interaction and communication (mental and social approaches)
    • Dialogue act taxonomies and annotation scheme
  • Ontology and lexical resources (with Alessandro Oltramari and Stefano Borgo)
  • Feedback in dialogue (and more particularly linguistic feedback in human conversation). This corresponds to the generalization of the PhD results towards different languages and domains. It includes prosodic (intonation, rhythm, accentuation) considerations.
  • Merging of discourse and argumentative approaches of conversation. More accurately I work in collaboration with Philippe Muller, Nicolas Maudet and Laure Vieu on a version of SDRT (Segmented Discourse Representation Theory, Asher and Lascarides 2003) enhanced with commitment modeling inspired from (Hamblin 1970, Walton and Krabbe 1995).
  • The meaning of intonation. I'm collaborating with Marie Safarova and Philippe Muller on a corpus-based research on IP-final rises in French dialogues.

I am co-organizing this workshop:

Publications, see LOA's publications page for the files

Ontology and Lexical resources

  • Ontologies and their alignment with lexical resources (with Stefano Borgo and Alessandro Oltramari) in Proceedings of the Workshop ONTOLEX 2005, Jeju Island, South Korea, November 2005.

Dialogue Structure and Conversational Gameboard

  • Speech Acts, Discourse Structure and Public Commitments. (with Nicolas Maudet and Philippe Muller) in 9th International Pragmatics Conference, Riva del Garda (Italy), July 10-15th 2005.
  • Conversational Gameboard and Discourse Structure. (with Nicolas Maudet and Philippe Muller). 8th workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue, Barcelona, July 2004.
  • Tableaux conversationnels en SDRT. (with Nicolas Maudet and Philippe Muller) in Proceedings of the Workshop SDRT, TALN2004, pp 495-504, Fès, Morocco, April 2004.

Discourse (including dialogue) Structure and Discourse Content

  • The moving Right Frontier. (with Laure Vieu) Workshop on Constraints in Discourse, 3-5 June, 2005, Dortmund, Germany (7 pages, pdf file)
  • Background in SDRT. (with Laure Vieu) in Proceedings of the Workshop SDRT, TALN2004, pp485-494, Fès, Morocco, April 2004 (10 pages, pdf file)
  • Une approche sémantique et rhétorique du dialogue. Un cas d'étude : l'explication d'un itinéraire. (with Pascal Denis, Philippe Muller and Laure Vieu) Traitement Automatique des Langues, Numéro spécial "Dialogue", 43(2) (2002), pp. 43-70.
  • Conversation sous les topiques. (with Philippe Muller) in Information, Interaction, Intelligence, a journal in the science of information engineering (Hors-série 2002), p179-196.
  • The rhetorical attachment of questions and answers. (with Philippe Muller) In Proceedings of First workshop of Semantics, Pragmatics and Rhetoric, Donostia/San Sebastian, november 2001.
  • Topic structure in route explanation dialogues. In Proceedings of the workshop "Information structure, Discourse structure and discourse semantics" of the 13th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information, Helsinki, August 2001.

Linguistic Positive Feedback

  • Grounding information in route explanation dialogues. (with Philippe Muller) 5th Workshop on Language and Space, 23-25 October, 2005, Delmenhorst, Germany
  • Markers of positive feedback in Dialogue. (with Philippe Muller). 2nd Vasconian Meeting on Semantics and Pragmatics, Sara, October 2004.
  • An empirical study of acknowledgment structures. (with Philippe Muller) In Proceedings of DiaBruck, 7th workshop on semantics and pragmatics of dialogue, Saarbrucken, September 2003 (8 pages, pdf file)

Intonation meaning

  • The discourse function of final rises in French. (with Marie Safarova and Philippe Muller). IDP05 : Symposium International " Discours et Prosodie comme interface complexe ", Aix-en-Provence, September 2005
  • The discourse function of final rises in French dialogues. (with Marie Safarova and Philippe Muller). 9th workshop on semantics and pragmatics of dialogue (DIALOR), Nancy, June 2005 (8 pages, pdf file)


Structures sémantiques et pragmatiques pour la modélisation de la cohérence dans des dialogues finalisés. (Semantic and Pragmatic structures for modeling coherence in task-oriented dialogues)

Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse 3)-IRIT, team "LILaC" (Logic, Interaction, Language and Computation) and "ERSS" (Syntax and Semantics Research Team)


The PhD focussed on human dialogue. I studied a corpus of task-oriented dialogues constituted during the PhD period. The dissertation (in French) pays special attention to question-answer pairs and to discourse markers used in positive feedback (acknowledgments tokens). (pdf file)