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Bassetti   Chiara Bassetti

via alla Cascata 56C
38123 Trento
Phone +39 0461 314853
Email chiara.bassetti at loa.istc.cnr.it

After a fellowship at the Department of Disciplines of Communication of the University of Bologna with the project DisCoPra, Chiara is now Post-doc Research Fellow at the Laboratory of Applied Ontology of the Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (ISTC-CNR), working on the project VisCoSo. She teaches Qualitative Methods for Social Sciences at the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Trento, where she took her Ph.D. in March 2010 with a thesis based on a (self-)ethnographic research on the world of dance and aimed, within a phenomenological and ethnomethodological perspective, at the analysis of the role of the body and embodiment in everyday situated interaction as well as in long-term social processes. Among the research projects she worked on since her graduation in Disciplines of Communication in 2004 (University of Bologna, magna cum laude, thesis on Emergency Communication): Professions and semi-professions. Ethnographic analysis of occupational communities (PRIN 2006, National Coordinator Giolo Fele); MEDiCA: Medical Emergency Dispatch Centre Analysis; MAP e-ten: Mobile Adaptive Procedure, (EC FP IV, Gianni Jacucci); Traffic control as work (MIUR 2001, National Coordinator Cristina Zucchermaglio).

Research interests

Body and Embodiment; Everyday Interaction; Workplace Studies; Emergency Communication and Management; Organizational Practices; Coordination Centres; Socio-technical Systems; Science and Technology Studies; Information Systems and ICTs; Dance and Performing Arts; Performance and Performative Learning; Cultural Studies; Gender Studies.
Ethnography; Ethnomethodology; Conversation Analysis; Video-based research; Visual Analysis; Qualitative Interviews.

Selected publications

  • Bassetti, C. (2012), Corpi in transito. Tra spazio urbano e scuola di danza, Ricerca Folklorica (in press).
  • Bassetti, C. (2012), Dis/comfort in bodily performance. Interactionally grounded states of experience: the case of dancers, in D. Altheide, A. Salvini and C. Nuti (eds.), The Present and Future of Symbolic Interactionism Vol. II, Milano: Fanco Angeli.
  • Bassetti, C. (2012), IS-related organizational change and the necessity of techno-organizational co-design(-in-use). An experience with ethnomethodologically oriented ethnography, pp. 289-310 in G. Viscusi, G.M. Campagnolo and Y. Curzi (eds.), Phenomenology, Organizational Politics, and IT Design: The Social Study of Information Systems, Hershey, Penn.: IGI Global.
  • Bassetti, C. (2011), Making (new) things together. Everyday collaborative improvisation and the role of ethnography, Proceedings of the 6th Annual Ethnography Symposium Ethnography: Theory, Form and Practice, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff, UK, 5-7 September 2011.
  • Bassetti, C. (2011), Performative Learning. Self- and Other-initiated Corrections in Dance, Proceedings of the 105th American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, 20-23 August 2011.
  • Bassetti, C. (2009), Riflessivita'-in-azione. L'incorporamento dello sguardo spettatoriale come sapere pratico professionale nella danza, Etnografia e Ricerca Qualitativa, II, 3: 325-352.