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DOLCE : a Descriptive Ontology for Linguistic and Cognitive Engineering

DOLCE is the first module of the WonderWeb Foundational Ontologies Library (WFOL). In our presentation paper (download pdf), it is described using first-order logic. The specific assumptions adopted for this module are first introduced informally, along with the basic categories, functions, and relations. We then present a rich axiomatic characterization, aimed at clarifying our assumptions and illustrate their formal consequences (theorems).

The latest version of the Library of Foundational Ontologies (download pdf).

Contents: three reference modules (DOLCE, OCHRE, BFO) and their philosophical comparison, new extensions of DOLCE (the ontology of Description and Situations, a preliminary Ontology of Plans, an ontology of Web Services), some machine-readable encodings, an example of formal semantic links between modules, a mapping between the extended version of DOLCE and WordNet.
Version 3.9 of DOLCE2.1-Lite-Plus
File for local loading: OWL build 397, factorized - July 7th.
Online loading: File containing all 3971 imports with correct namespaces - June 28th, 2006.

DOLCE documentation

  • DOLCE 2.1 presentation paper (Word doc)
  • DOLCE 2.1 KIF (PDF doc)
  • DOLCE 2.1 KIF (pure text)
  • DOLCE2.0-Lite-v3.daml translation to DAML+OIL
  • DOLCE2.0-Lite-v3.rdfs translation to RDFS (only taxonomy of classes and properties with domains and ranges)
  • DOLCE2.0-Lite-3.xml DIG version for exporting to various DL reasoners
  • DOLCE2.0-Lite-v3.owl translation to OWL
  • DOLCE2.0-Lite-v3.html
  • DOLCE-2.1-Lite-Plus, download online ontology library version DLP3971 or download the zipped file of the last OWL build
The "lite" versions are simplified translations of Dolce2.0 that do not consider: modality, temporal indexing, relation composition. In addition, different names are adopted for relations that have the same name but different arities in the FOL version. Some commonsense concepts have also been added as examples. The DOLCE-2.1-Lite-Plus version also includes some modules for Plans, Information Objects, Semiotics, Temporal relations, Social notions (collectives, organizations, etc.), a Reification vocabulary, etc.

Download DOLCE documentation (zipped, about 800k)

OntoWordNet Project

Beta version 0.72 of alignment of WordNet 1.6 Noun Synsets to DLP3971 ontology library (download -or load into an ontology editor- the OWL version, or download the zipped file, documentation).

The project aims at: Papers on alignment between DOLCE and WordNet's upper levels:

More about DOLCE