Formal Ontologies for Artificial Intelligence

The 1st workshop on Formal Ontologies for Artificial Intelligence - FOfAI - will take place at IJCAI 2015 in Buenos Aires.

In the last 20 years ontologies have played key roles in the design of complex information systems and in the development of methodologies for the management of heterogeneous information. There has been an explosion of results that are broadly related to ontologies in a large number of communities like Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Natural Language Processing, Multiagent Systems, Cognitive Modeling, Decision Theory, Social Studies, Computer Vision, Knowledge Engineering, Industrial Design, Robotics, Planning and Conceptual Modeling.

Ontologies have here to be understood as general theories of the types of entities and relations in a domain. At the center of the discipline of formal ontology lies the systematic study of the formal characterization of ontologies (representations, axiomatics, reasoning techniques) as well as their link with naive realism, epistemology, cognition, commonsense, empirical methods, and data-analysis.

This workshop aims to establish a venue for researchers in AI with an interest in formal ontology. In particular, we aim to foster an interdisciplinary discussion and cross-fertilization among a number of communities by proposing a venue to exchange foundational, methodological, and applicative perspectives.

FOfAI 2015 will be a part of the Joint Ontology Workshops JOWO 2015, supported by the International Association for Ontology and its Applications, IAOA.

FOfAI is moreover generously sponsored by the Association for Logic, Language, and Information, FoLLI.

The full proceedings of JOWO-15 are available as Volume 1517 of CEUR.

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